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I spend way too much time on Pinterest¹*. You know the drill, pinning meals you don’t cook, houses you don’t live in, trips you don’t take, & clothes you don’t buy.  I’m a big planner & list maker, so Pinterest is my jam. However, part of being a planner & list maker is the sense of pride one feels crossing things off the list & seeing plans come to fruition. .

I decided to make use of my wardrobe pins. I’ve been wanting to freshen up my style, but I don’t have the means to completely update my closet. I’m not necessarily unhappy with my clothing, just bored. Instead of using my pins to create a dream closet, I thought why not use them for styling points. I have similar enough pieces to recreate a lot of the pins, so that’s where the idea for my blog was born.

I’ll select a pin or pins & recreate them to the best of my wardrobe’s ability. As I do this I’m also hoping to curate my style. Some of things will work & some will not. I think it’s going to be interesting. Clothing makes the man & all that jazz.


¹If you wanna take a look at my Pinterest, you can find me here.

*Spellcheck insists you capitalize Pinterest. I didn’t realize you were so formal website that is basically a virtual trapper keeper. La ti da.

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