Love me, love me


The Cardigans! I own several because layering is important when you work in an office with perpetual air conditioning. Everything I wore this week has been in my closet for at least 1 year, but I don’t think I’d worn any of it styled like the pin. At least not exactly.


Monday was all about comfort; joggers with a blouse & boyfriend cardigan. I feel like the baubles & oxfords make it look pulled together for the office. It’s my favorite of the week. It was like wearing pjs, but professional pjs.

Tuesday was not as great. All the pink & the the blouse tucked in with the open 3/4 cardi & flower pin felt a bit like wearing garanimals. I mean, it looks fine, but I’m not a toddler.

Wednesday wasn’t any better. I’ve been rocking this Miley Cyrus for Max Azria for Walmart top for way too long! I normally wouldn’t put such a skinny belt under my bust. It kinda gets hidden & creates a weird crease that looks like my boobs are eating my shirt. However, I do like the belt over the drapey cardigan so it doesn’t go flying around while I’m trying to work.

Thursday seems like a combination of the past 2 days. The leopard print gives it more of an edge than the floral & the wider belt sets off my waist better than the skinny one did. Also, that bracelet is actually a choker that I doubled up around my wrist. Things can be more than 1 thing people!

Friday I played with color. Cranberry corduroys with the bright blue blouse toned down with the grey letterman cardigan. Although, I like the colors, I don’t love the top & all in all it seems boring. The more I look at it, the more that top isn’t doing it for me.


Like I said, these pieces have been in my closet for a long time. This particular batch is full of pieces from Maurices, Old Navy, Banana Republic Outlet, Forever21, & Toms. This is probably a good representation of where my clothes come from. Also, I once worked at Maurices so I have A LOT of their stuff. I’m mean why wouldn’t you if it’s all 40% off!?  My biggest take away this week was I want to wear pajamas all day….maybe that will be another weeks challenge.

Let me know what you think! Something you like, don’t like, would wear differently, might try yourself???

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