No 2 Pencil Skirts

Oh man, I am clever. No 2 pencil skirts. Hahaha, office humor. I have 2 pencil skirts in my wardrobe so I just alternated them out this week. Stop washing your clothes so often people! If you sit at a desk 8hrs they don’t need laundered that often.


My 2 skirts are from Kohls. The orange is Simply Vera, the chocolate Apt9. The tshirts are Old Navy Vintage V neck ts. Love the fit of these, slimming without hugging my muffintop. The sweater is Banana Republic (outlet), the wedge booties are Toms, & the slingbacks are Franco Sarto from TJMaxx.


Monday was the black & chocolate combo paired with a silver Brighton cuff & some pewter baubles from I don’t remember where. Tried to get that 1hip tuck, but it looked a bit sloppy & kept coming untucked.

Tuesday was super vibrant & I loved it! It seems like a lot of color. It works because the pink top (I used a hair tie to knot the top & tucked the tail), orange skirt, & 2 tone brown heels are all variations of the same color. So that neon & navy amulet (Maurices) really pops without overwhelming. Also, this blowout is to die.


Wednesday was the most professional. Very straightforward skirt/sweater with black booties & pewter cluster necklace. I got told I look like Hillary, lol. I didn’t really see it till I put our faces side by side. I think it helps we’re wearing sunglasses.


Thursday I went full tuck with a belt I nicked from my nephew’s military uniform. I like the buckle. I also raided my daughter’s jewelry for rings from Charlotte Russe. Fun fact: Charlotte Russe is the girl who fakes a golden ticket in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Kind of the perfect name for a mass market clothing chain. It’s also a dessert, but I like the counterfeit entendre best.


I really like the laid back, but pulled together thing I felt like I had going on with these. I see a pattern emerging already with which looks I like best..


4 thoughts on “No 2 Pencil Skirts

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