Across the Pond

Something about the crisp autumn weather was making me feel nostalgic for Amy Pond¹. I rounded up my plaids to create some layered looks as a nod to my favorite companion².


Honestly, this is a week that I really love all the looks. They’re all office appropriate, but relaxed. Everything just seems to come together naturally, like I didn’t have to put too much effort into it³.


I’m sporting pieces from Kohls, Old Navy, Maurices, Forever21, Banana Republic Outlet, TJMaxx, Gliks, & Carnaby Square (a local boutique).


My favorite is the outfit directly pulled from The Angels Take Manhattan. I just wish I could have been spending the day in Central Park with my raggedy man.

I imagine a lot of people find themselves subconsciously mimicking their favorite tv characters considering how much time we let ourselves spend with them. Which character or show has your favorite style?


1. Amy Pond is The Eleventh Doctor’s companion on Doctor Who. If you actually needed this footnote get yourself over to Netflix!
2. I don’t think she actually wears much plaid & those pictures aren’t from the show. Most of her wardrobe is laid back & flirty, but for some reason I always think plaid, layers, & scarves.
3. Which is funny because I have obviously put a lot of effort into it. Sometimes the ensemble comes together easily, but I always put thought into it.

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