Far From Frumpy

These looks are what I like to call slouchy business. It’s not schlumpy & messy, it’s skillfully wilted. Think Daisy Buchanan draped across her chaise lounge, but for work.

I rocked a pair of high waist wide leg JLo pants (Kohls) most of the week.  First look I wore this week I paired them with my Apt9 cape (Kohls). I don’t think I’ve worn it with these pants before because I was worried the combination wide leg/wide waist would make me look wide. I was wrong. The high waist lengthens me & the swing in the cape seems to accentuate my curves.
I took a cue from Stevie Nicks Tuesday. I picked this rose kimono up from the pajama section in Forever21. It’s one of my newer wardrobe additions.  I paired this look with pearl earrings to keep it classy & an owl pendant to keep it witchy.
The final appearance of these pants! Worn with my plaid Ellen Tracy blouse & cluster necklace is straight up Kirsten Dunst in this season of Fargo. It’s soft, but strong much like her character…minus the actualization hallucinations.

Thursday is a repeat from my cardigan looks, but styled slightly different. This Maurices blouse has a split hem so it makes the tuck & slouch easy. This look probably plays up the purposefully sloppiness best. The springy necklace & looped bangles add a tightness & tidiness.
Casual Friday was on point. Wide leg Express jeans that remind me of those ridiculous Lee Pipes I rocked in 6th grade. This is a cleaner look worn with a floral Old Navy sweatshirt, canvas belt, & Toms cordonnes. The rise of these jeans are a little lower than my typical pair & the sweatshirt hits just at the waistband giving an easy & relaxed vibe.


This has been one of my favorite weeks. There’s not a bad outfit in the bunch. There are a few unexpected pieces: high waist wide leg pants, joggers, a kimono, & a cape! Is there a piece that seems more wearable now that you’ve seen it styled by a regular gal? Do you have a favorite?


6 thoughts on “Far From Frumpy

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