Now You See Me

Switching gears this week & taking on a character with a little more sex appeal. If you don’t remember Isla Fisher as Henley Reeves or you didn’t see Now You See Me, I recommend you take a look. Her style is clean, sleek, & modern. She’s a woman making it in a man’s world without swimming in Annie Hall menswear. She wears some flirty numbers, but mostly she’s wearing kickass heels, skinny leg pants, & blazers. Oh & those gloves, lest we forget who’s in charge!

Her color palette is mostly black with some navy & tan tossed in there. Her accessories minimal & hair/makeup casual. Some of my wardrobe is fading, but this all black ensemble is sexy & strong.
In my navy number I felt serious & professional. Something about the scarf felt off, but my boss complimented it. Maybe that’s what it was, my natural aversion to authority leading me to question anything with administrative approval. Or maybe I should tie it differently.
I decided to switch up the skinny pants for a pencil skirt. I wore it with my blousy moto jacket. The cut is structured enough for a blazer, but draped to also mimic Henley’s scarves. It’s soft & contemporary.
The only ensemble that really still looks like the magician’s assistant is her water tank escape. I wore my gray sequined top layered over a cerulean top to mirror the silver & water. I wanted my hair to have a beach vibe much like her soaking locks. I just rinsed, scrunched in some suave gel, & blow dried. This product is pretty good. I have stick straight, fine, thin hair & this created texture & volume that lasted all day.

For my last look I went nearly piece for piece from the movie. Guys, I wish I owned a pair of gloves. I think I may get a pair or 2. I know they along with the scarves are allude to her career, but I like to think the gloves are also a nod to Diane Keaton.



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