Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Wicked for the 2nd time with my daughter. I love going to the theater especially this time of year. People usually take the opportunity to gussy up for the production & with this particular one you sometimes see people in costume. The first time we went there was a group of ladies wearing red & white stripe tights under their dresses, some ruby slippers, & little girls sporting mini witch hats. ADORABLE!

Seems like the appropriate time for, you guessed it, a cape! This cape has seen more wear in the last few weeks than the whole year. Paired this with a Glik’s green tee shirt (because, Elphaba), Old Navy sweetheart jeans, & black Toms wedge booties. I didn’t do anything more formal because I really relish wearing my jeans on the weekend & my ride was a school bus.

I thought I’d get a little more into my  makeup look today since I’m focusing on only one look. I have a pretty set look consisting of Neutrogena rice protein primer, Clinique Even Better foundation, Cover Girl  tru minerals loose powder (that I forgot to include in this photo), Sephora Sunbleached Filter eye palette, Benefit They’re Real mascara, & Clinique Black Honey almost lipstick. I switched up my regular perfume (Marc Jacobs Daisy) for Mary Kate & Ashley Nirvana Black. It’s like sex in a bottle. I also changed up my eye makeup slightly using just a smidge of my Elf palette.


I used this pin to create a darker eye.

A. #tbt
B. Walking in Sand
C. Swell
D. The darkest shade in Elf palette

This felt appropriately dressed up without being stuffy or costume-y. The show was wicked good too! It’s one of my favorites. We had a great time.


PS. The side swept hairstyle is making me think my next cut may be asymmetrical.
PPS. My daughter really wanted to get in on this so here is a bonus pic. She’s wearing my Forever21 kimono, her Forever21 jeans & platform sandals, & an Old Navy tank. As you can see the apple doesn’t fall far.


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