Have Yourself a Quirky Christmas

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. My mom always made it a fun, tradition filled season. Honestly, I can barely remember the presents I received during my childhood, but I do remember everything my mom would do for us.
The Friday following Thanksgiving was tree trimming day. Ornaments were a mix of homemade & keepsake. We had hand knit matching stockings filled with candy, oranges, & a new toothbrush. Christmas music or movies on a constant loop. Hot chocolate mugs always filled & marshmallow topped. Cookies & milk set out no matter how old we got. The lights twinkled all night.
I like to believe  quirky, fun traditions continue with my little family. The tree goes up the weekend following Thanksgiving. Our white tree browned so I spray painted it gold this year. I think it turned out quite festive. The ornaments are a hodgepodge of things we like; you’ll find a tennis ball, flamingoes, the Mystery Machine, Homer Simpson, lots of snowflakes  (no 2 the same), tumbling monkeys, & Rainbow Brite rescuing our crystal star from a paper mache octopus. We have matching homemade stockings that are filled with something special on Christmas morning. The lights will twinkle all night & our plastic lawn flamingoes will stay cozy in Christmas sweaters.  We’ll read Rainbow Brite Saves Christmas & How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I’ll wear my Nick&Nora for Target sock monkey flannel that only recently replaced a Garfield shirt that I swiped from my sister years ago. The anticipation will pull me out of bed before everyone else & my late sleeping family will awake to a yummy surprise breakfast. We’ll watch Doctor Who Christmas specials all day & make everlasting memories.

Hope your holiday is merry & bright.


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