My So-called Outfit

When you get down to it I’m a 90s girl. So much of my style is really built upon the styles of my favorite characters; Clarissa, Cher, Joey, Jen, Felicity, Vivian, Sydney, Cat, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Topanga, Sabrina, Carrie, Roberta, Teeny, & Samantha (sorry Chrissy). None of them held a candle to Angela Chase & Rayanne Graff. I related to Angela so much, especially how desperately she wanted to be Rayanne. I wanted to raid my sister’s closet & look effortlessly cool. Luckily as a grown up I have learned a thing or 2 about oversize clothes.



I started off the week really strong. Mixing my florals (Express) & plaid (Gliks), adding texture with knit knee socks (Maurices). Sweater & Boots from Maurices as well. I think the colors & blanket scarf keep this current.

Unfortunately I felt a little frumpy in my red flannel (Forever21) untucked over my black maxi skirt (Gliks). I’ve worn this before tucked in & it is much more flattering. I was going for a more authentic 90s look though, note the many necklaces (Heart by Brighton, Owl by Maurices, Peace Sign by Claires). I could have also tucked in my long sleeve tee (Maurices) & worn the flannel open. That would have worked.

Wednesday was a more contemporary look, but it definitely has its roots in the 90s. The denim tunic (Forever21) mimics all those oversize tees we wore with our straight leg Calvins, the boots are reminiscent of the chunky heeled Candies, & the scarf/necklace combo an obvious nod to Rayanne.

Oh man, I was so excited for this next look. It’s got a maxi dress (Forever21), floral kimono (Forever 21), & plaid button down (TJMaxx), but it did not work. The plaid is too short & stiff. I could have worn it under the dress, but I don’t know how the sleeves would look… maybe a boyfriend cardigan instead? Either way the maxi & kimono are v. Courtney Love.

Friday I had the day off work so I took the opportunity to really play. This has Clarissa written all over it: stripe sweater & black tights from Walmart, shortalls from Express, & purple Chucks by Converse from Journeys.  It was a little chilly so I tossed on my Old Navy sweatshirt jacket that totally fits with it’s babydoll shape!  I had a work hang later that night so I switched out my shortalls for Flying Monkey skinny jeans. The shirt hem hits a little high giving that distinctly cropped but not waistline we were all rocking. You know what I’m talking about, jean rise was becoming lower, but shirt lengths were staying the same. Alright, alright, alright.



Can’t say the whole week was a success, but I know what to do differently. Always evolving!


In case you’re wondering, these were all a nod to the crisp Seattle weather & I am trying to stay warm in front of the refrigerator.


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