Academic Chic

I like a smart look. That’s really all the set up I have for these ensembles.

1. Old Navy Denim Button Down, Apt9 Pencil Skirt, Tights from Walmart, Calvin Klein Booties, White Pearl Beaded Cluster Necklace & Earrings were a gift. I felt v. Chloe Sevigny with my buttoned up/necklace combo & hair slicked back. Nice mix of masculine & feminine. Feels very contemporary.

2. Banana Republic Martin Fit Pants, Maurices Blouse, Forever21 Cardigan (with elbow patches!), Scarf was a gift, & Toms Brogues. I tried a muffler approach, but the darn thing kept trying to strangle me. When it wasn’t pulled weird around my neck, it was very chic. I’ll be searching “how to tie a silk scarf” on pinterest for future reference.
3. Banana Republic Sheath Dress, Gliks Blanket Scarf, Tights from Walmart, Franco Sarto Heels, & Gliks Blazer. Really like how this all looks together, but it was a bit bulky. I had to take my blazer off to pee. I drink a lot of water. Also, I started with my hair down, but it’s gotten long enough (& the scarf is thick enough) that it was getting tangled. I pulled the back up halfway through the day.
4. Lauren Conrad for Kohls Blazer, Banana Republic Sweater, Maurices Skinny Cords, Sperry Boat Shoes, & (prescription) Warby Parker Finch Frames. Yes, I know this is my Grand Budapest look, but it’s also very professorial. I was slightly concerned about being too warm due to the lack of winter temperatures, but the office was freezing so this was perfect. I also worried about it being constricting like outfit 3, but this blazer is fairly lightweight. I could pee in it & everything 🙂


Lessons Learned:
1. Blanket Scarf & Blazer combos make it difficult to move.
3. My hair gets tangled in thick scarves.
2. Silk Scarves are tricky to tie.

All in all I liked these looks & I will definitely be wearing them or something similar again.


7 thoughts on “Academic Chic

  1. I love wearing feminine & masculine pieces together. One of my favorites is to wear a pair of brogues or Dr. Marten’s with a dress. And collared shirts fully buttoned up with a necklace is always a good idea to perk up an outfit. 🙂


    • Oh I love a good pair of Docs with ANYTHING! It’s one of my favorite styles. My daughter has a great pair of red Docs, but unfortunately we do not wear the same shoe size. I went with the TOMS brogues because they work so well with all my day job clothes 🙂

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