Feeling 32

My birthday is exactly 1 week before Christmas. It can be overshadowed by the holiday. My friends weren’t always able to come to parties because of inclement weather or family engagements. My uncle’s birthday is the day before mine & many childhood birthdays were celebrated in unison. One year this meant he had a Rainbow Brite cake.
My mom always tried to make my day special. It’s usually the first day of our holiday break. One year she organized a surprise birthday party. She’d pick a theme cake; the aforementioned Rainbow Brite, Trolls for the surprise party, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, & The Little Mermaid are among memorable themes. I always got to pick a special dinner (meatloaf & baked potatoes were a favorite). I always got a present wrapped in regular birthday paper, not Christmas wrap, & cards about how proud she is of me even though I’m a sassy brat πŸ™‚
I think it’s okay & good to be selfish on your birthday. I don’t mean be inconsiderate. I just mean it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself even if your birthday happens to be during a very busy holiday season.
This year my daughter & I headed toΒ  nearby Evansville where I treated myself to a sushi lunch. Kanpai is a little hidden gem with reasonable prices. We had crab rangoon, gyoza, yum-yum rolls, & zig zag rolls.

My little burgeoning tumblr/instagram aesthetic teen just had to document our meal.
Speaking of, she really does have great style.

It was a great afternoon. A lovely break from the busyness. My husband treated me to an Italian dinner (salad & toasted ravioli). The rest of the evening was nice & chill.

This was the last day in my call of the wild series. Super comfortable, colorful, & put together casual.



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