Golden Globes

I know #askhermore is super important. I definitely think we should be asking men & women the same questions on the red carpets. I think we should be asking insightful questions about the work the actors choose to do. That being said I really like the dresses & sometimes the suits. The Golden Globes is our first Alist carpet of the season. These styles will influence prom, wedding, & cocktail hours ahead.


JLo in arguably the best dress of the night had Michelle Obama popping in marigold 2days later! Okay, I don’t know that for sure & I didn’t take time to look it up, but that’s an interesting coincidence.

In no particular order:

Lily James: It’s mint! V. Ethereal

Laverne Cox: Statuesque – I see this transferring to workwear very easily.

Zoe Kazan: Pantone Color of the Year combo w/ a chic bob. Bridesmaids ya’ll.


Julianne Moore: Always Elegant


Sunrise Coigney & Mark Ruffalo: Art Deco w/a Bohemian Vibe – which may be a perfect description of Sunrise Coigney in life. This could lend itself to festival styles I think.  Ruffalo’s in a boring tux. Whatev.

Aziz Ansari: Plaid! Tom Haverford would approve.


Eddie Redmayne: Those are bees! Adorable.


Jane Wu: Art Deco Warrior Princess. It’s like a futuristic throwback.


Judith Light: I love a lady in a tux & she looks so chill.

Malin Ackerman: Peplums are fun & flirty. She looks genuinely happy.


Bob Odenkirk: I know this is a an odd favorite to have, but I like the navy, it’s a nice fit, & I like that he looks cool. Like such a dude.


Saorise Ronan: Another ethereal look that could translate to prom, bridal, cocktail, casual attire depending on styling.


Bryan Cranston: This is like the masculine version of the LBD.


Emilia Clark: I love this & I can’t quite put my finger on why. There are a lot of similarities between this & countless other dresses, but here it’s all on the same dress. Maybe its that mourning Spanish widow vibe? Is that a thing? Should it be a thing? I like it.


Uzo Aduba: Look at this cut! That neckline, those shoulders, the sleeve!  What an appropriate mother of the bride/groom jam.

Rachel McAdams: I like the watercolor floral, the asymmetry, the texture. I think this is a strong prom look or shorten the hem & you’ve got a great early spring cocktail dress.


Jennifer Lawrence: Interesting shape. I want this structured into a high waist pencil skirt & crop tank that I can layer over a sheer button down blouse for work. Think about it.


Bonus: Not at the Globes, but grabbed from ig the same night: Zoe Lister Jones wins the makeup game. I love her fresh face. She’s a favorite of mine. She has a very editorial style.

Few tips that go with all these looks (yeah men, I’m talking to you, haha): minimal jewelry, really clean/lighthanded makeup, & natural looking hair or uncomplicated updos. Basically, let the dress be the centerpiece & keep everything else simple. It looks pulled together, timeless, & effortless.

Can’t wait for the SAG Awards!


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