Sweater Weather

There is a breed of Tuesday in January in which time creeps & no light comes & the air is full of water & nobody really loves anybody, but still a decent jumper…is sufficient…

-Zadie Smith


This weather calls for the classic dress shirt/sweater layering. Monday through Thursday was pretty standard. By standard I don’t mean boring. I quite like all 4 of these looks.

Maurices: Cardigan, Blouse, & Ring / Banana Republic: Pants / TOMS: Wedges

Banana Republic: Sweater & Pants / Old Navy: Dress Shirt / TOMS: Brogues / Brighton: Necklace

Maurices: Dress Shirt & Necklace / Target: Sweater (men’s section) / Banana  Republic: Pants / TOMS: Wedges

Tried a Pinterest hairstyle & used my trusty Almay for Brown Eyes palette as well. Think it turned out nicely.

Old Navy: Denim Button Down / Forever21: Sweater / Kohl’s: Pants / TOMS: Wedges / Aeropostale: Necklace

20160117_124731.jpgOld Navy: Sweater /  Forever21: Tunic / Glik’s: Scarf / Maurice’s: Pants & Boots

Friday I decided to switch it up somewhat unsuccessfully. I like the individual pieces, but all together it’s too much. I think the sweater is too full, heavy. A slimmer cut or lighter weight could look better. I ended up switching the cargos out that evening for leggings & removing the scarf so the sweater worked with everything else being streamlined. Didn’t get a chance for a picture though. Damn.


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