Easy Breezy Pantone

At first I couldn’t help but be all Miranda about these Pantone Colors of the Year. Pastels for spring isn’t exactly groundbreaking. However, I have been loving pastels for winter so I thought I should give it a chance. When Sephora introduced their annual Pantone collaboration I really got on board. I’ve been wanting to subtly add more color to my eye makeup & this palette offers tons of combinations without being overwhelmed by pigment. I also got to put to use several eye tutorials.

Since I wanted the focus on my eyes I decided to go with a tshirt & jeans (or BR Martin Pant) approach to my wardrobe. This pant has really become a workhorse for my wardrobe. I’m thinking I should invest in a black pair & maybe a chocolate or wine. I wouldn’t do a khaki because the fabric is too lightweight & would show every dimple.

Lauren Conrad for Kohls Blazer / Gliks Tshirt / TOMS Brogues / Necklace Gift, I don’t know brand / Maurices Scarf / Woolrich Cap & Coat

Sticking with the Pantone idea I wore blue eye makeup to compliment the pink blazer.

Mushroom / Ash / Serenity

JLo for Kohls Jacket / Old Navy Tshirt / Maurices Boots / Forever21 Bangles / Banana Republic Earrings

Citadel / Marina

Gliks Top & Scarf / TOMS Boots

Rose Quartz / Pale Mauve / Fruit Dove

I think I should have made the liner a little stronger, but I can’t always get them symmetrical so I shy away from it.

Maurices Tank & Long Sleeve Tshirt / Simpy Vera for Kohls Slippers / Brighton Necklace

Rose Quartz / Mellow Yellow

This one could stand some more layering, a smidge too subtle.

Gliks Blazer / Old Navy Tshirt & Sweatheart Jeans / Maurices Boots / Brighton Necklace / Belt Brand Unknown, purchased years ago from a local hardware store (Kincaids)

Got called Anna Scott in this look, I suppose it is a bit Notting Hill.

Café Crème / Cedar Wood / Café Au Lait

This is my favorite eye, probably because it’s most in my comfort zone of brown tones.

Pretty solid week. I really do like effortless looks that aren’t complicated. I like the way a jacket/blazer/cardigan/scarf/piece of jewelry can pull it all together without adding a lot of bulk to a look. I also am going to have to keep playing with this palette- so many combinations to create!


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