Curating My Style

As I mentioned last week, I have styled my way through my pins so it is time to review.

After I started at my current employer I had to upgrade my style. I had been working at Maurice’s & I liked to change up my style a lot. It felt appropriate since I was working at a trend based retail boutique.  I went with mostly a retro Mad Men thing for my upgrade, but let’s be real, that’s not a super comfy style. After a few years it felt a little stale &not really feel like me. I still like to try new things, but I need a more cohesive look that I can live in everyday. Styling my closet with these pins has been a really great lesson about curating my style.

I think a simple style is best. Basic pieces with some interest & well appointed accessories. There is a definite trend to what I like best. My favorite looks are a little preppy & a little grunge. Now that I know how I want to present myself, I need to curate my wardrobe.


5 thoughts on “Curating My Style

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