Curating OOTD 1

Last week I decided on what type of style really appeals to me & can work in my daily life. I’ve tried to keep that in mind & incorporate it as much as possible. I’m thinking about the pieces I already have in my closet & how they can be put together to achieve that “Preppy Grunge” look that I really do love.

I started Monday off with my leaf print dress. Even though the print is pretty bold I still think that it can be mixed with other patterns easily because the colors are neutral. It’s one of my favorite pieces to use in pattern mixing for that reason. I decided to layer it up with my plaid flannel & boyfriend cardigan. The flannel works because it matches 2 of the neutrals (black & white) & then adds a pop with red. I like that all the pieces are long, I feel like that adds to the grunge aspect. A cardigan or blazer that hits at the hip would still be too structured & the dress is pretty structured already so these pieces keep it mixed in more than 1 way (pattern, shape, & texture). The belt keeps it from looking sloppy.


I have some more ootd (outfit of the day, for my confused friends, you know who you are :p) planned for upcoming posts. I’m working on a closet challenge, but I’m not quite ready to get into that yet. Stay tuned!



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