Curating: OOTD 2

Some of my favorite looks from the past few months are ones with very few pieces. I think it’s because sometimes the fewer the pieces, the more difficult it can be to make an interesting effortless look. I also think the accessories are even more key because they can create a tone for the ensemble. The basis of this look is my F21 striped sweater (bringing some pattern & color) & Old Navy joggers. This is a work day so the accessories need to say business serious (not serious business, let’s not get carried away). Since the sweater has cream & orange I went with my beige-y Franco Sarto slingbacks because those are all variations in orange. I think I’ve mentioned before how I used to worship the 3″platform heel, but my joints just can’t. It’s kittens, wedges, & stacked from here on out. The beige works with black, it’s neutral. I can’t believe some people still freak out about black & browns….& also navy. Yeah, I’ll wear all 3 at once! lol  Anyway, I finished the look off with my Warby Parker Finch frames (grenadine) & F21 gold coil necklace. I think these seem like standard accessories with a pop. Meaning these frames err very close to hipster, but the color keeps it fresh & the texture of the necklace is kind of unusual.   5 pieces, that’s all there is to this outfit, but it says so much!

BTW it snowed the day I wore this. No socks in slingbacks made for some chilled wet feet. Whoops.


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