Curating: OOTD 3

It’s important to me that the pieces in my closet can be worn with multiple things. I like the idea of capsule wardrobes or wardrobe uniforms, but I need variety. I noticed a piece I hadn’t worn since The Cardigans blog. My Miley Max ruffle blouse actually goes with a lot of different things. Its been in my closet longer than I care to admit, but that’s because I actually wear it a lot. I think it elevates a look. Yes, I just said an article of clothing that I purchased at Walmart elevates a look. The ruffles are soft & romantic, but there’s also something serious & commanding about them.* I really like them with this ensemble. The draping of each piece works well with each other & the pointy boots add punctuation to it.

Also, I kind felt like Princess Jasmine.** Seriously, the swept back hair, the darker teal, the joggers, & pointy shoes! All the pieces are there. I didn’t even do it on purpose!***




*Maybe it’s because they somehow remind me of the wigs British judges wear? Hmm, that’s weird.

**Okay, now that’s really weird.



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