The Oscars

I haven’t been watching red carpet shows this awards season because I’m pretty annoyed by them. I feel like the transitions between hosts are horribly handled & rude to the guests. When they do manage to ask relevant questions, there isn’t enough time for an appropriate response. AND there is a lot of work put into the attire if you don’t want to be asked about them figure out a new format because the red carpet is clearly about visibility. I also haven’t watched any post coverage because I am extremely annoyed by them. Maybe it’s gotten better, but I am sick of best/worst lists* & shaming people.  I did dvr the abc preshow & listened to people that I’m interested in, but mostly just fast forwarded through to watch for well dressed celebrities. I follow a WWD & Fashion Week on ig which had red carpet coverage & also the imdb red carpet coverage has been pretty good. I thought the show itself was pretty good. I like that Chris Rock addressed the race issue head on, but I could have done without bits & given more time to acceptance speeches especially when winners are using these shows as a platform for change.

Alright, lets get to it. Again I found myself mostly drawn to soft demure gowns. There’s a very ladylike quality that appeals to me.  Belts & defined waists were a huge trend that will be easy to incorporate into daily wear. There was a subtle drama to makeup & hair, again easy for the rest of us to replicate. I think my favorite may be Saoirse Ronan. She has just stole my heart this season. I should really see Brooklyn, lol.

More important than any of this was Lady Gaga’s moving performance. Its a damn shame she didn’t take home the award.


*Listen, I know this is a “best” list, but its a bests in my opinion which has zero impact on like anyone. I mean, thanks for following! 🙂


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