Curating: Casual Friday

Stacy London has been promoting fresh face Fridays ever since her new show Love, Lust, Run started airing¹ & I love it. I like wearing makeup & playing up my features & playing with new colors², but I also just like not worrying about it. If makeup is your jam, AWESOME, keep it up! I just like how this promotes girls/women to not be ashamed of their natural state & that wearing makeup should be an enhancement, not a mask.  I live for the fresh face Friday or Tuesday or Thursday or any damn day of the week of my choosing.

I’ve got 2 casual Friday looks for you that include my no makeup face 🙂

My daughter called this bottom look Homecoming Footballer.

Bonus Look! Saturday I participated in a charity karaoke contest, so I busted out my best Gwen Stefani³ for some Hollaback Girl. Love that my girls were there to cheer me on & get me a shot (afterward) for my shock.

There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.

-Amy Poehler

I know this quote may seem odd for this post, but all I’m getting at is stop worrying about what people think & rock what makes you happy even if it seems silly. Somebody will probably dig that shit.


¹Maybe before, idk, does it matter? Probably not.

²Check me out playing with pantone.

³See I like eyeliner & lipstick too!

8 thoughts on “Curating: Casual Friday

  1. Love that quote! I’ve been sick all week and have had to wear my glasses, which is unusual for me (I’m not used to wearing them out in public). But it’s been so refreshing just throwing them on to step out quickly, and not having to worry about eye makeup.

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