Challenging Pieces

Looking back over my posts  I’ve been able to pick out pieces that aren’t getting enough love. There are various reasons they weren’t worn as often: the fit, the cut, the color, the theme of my pin ensembles.  Mostly they didn’t fit the pin themes, but are pieces I do like. Some I don’t like & I feel like I’ve only kept them because at one time I did like it or I needed it for a particular occasion or it completes a particular ensemble that I do like.  I decided to challenge myself to wear these pieces with at least three different looks. Maybe I’ll pair it with something & see it in a whole new light or maybe I’ll realize I really don’t like it & its time to donate. If it only goes with one thing or can be worn one place it’s really not valuable enough to my wardrobe. Also, if it doesn’t really fit with my aesthetic I’m not going to wear it frequently enough for it to be valuable. I know this all sounds very straightforward & commonsense, but I tend to hang on to pieces “just in case.”*

To get myself started I chose three pieces to try to work into my everyday style.

Had to show off the fabulous zipper on the back of this Loft blouse.

Stay tuned to see what’s successful & what doesn’t make the cut. Also, feel free to share your opinions!


*Hoarding must be hereditary. For my father its parts: car parts, computer parts, appliance parts, etc. For me its clothes that I might need someday even if I haven’t worn it in a year.

4 thoughts on “Challenging Pieces

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