Challenge 2

Here we go challenge 2: mine floral moto blazer purchased from Gliks.


This cute but tough piece only showed up once in my Pinterest challenge. Honestly that look is a bit too much pink for my usual taste.

Look 1: F21 navy maxi dress

I really like this. I wore my brogues, texturized my hair, & skipped the accessories. It’s feminine without being fussy.

Look 2: Limited button down & Banana Republic pant

Another winner. Finishing touches with Gap belt, TOMS brogues, & Warby Parker Finch frames. This is a really nice look for the office. Even though it’s pink & purple it has a masculine edge to it.

Look3: Maurices tank & Old Navy jean

My favorite of the challenge. Simple accessories to top a simple look; handmade earrings, Lucky necklace, & TOMS wedges. I just love how stark & uncluttered this is. It feels really cool & I feel pretty cool in it. Which is kind of what it’s all about it.

Obviously, this is another piece that will be staying in my closet. Love it, need to wear it more often.


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