Curating Casual Easter

My family keeps it pretty casual & Easter is no exception.


F21 tunic & leggings, Limited cardigan, TOMS boots, & a fresh cut & color courtesy of my awesome hairstylist J’ne. She has a beauty YouTube channel you can checkout here!

Maurices cargos & tank, Old Navy sweatshirt & flip flops

Maurices tank, Old Navy sweater & jeans, Sperrys

What I liked about this weekend is how easy it was. Honestly there was very little thought put into these looks. I just whipped em out of my closet & onto my body. Which really is the goal. I felt stylish, cute, & comfortable without stressing.

2 thoughts on “Curating Casual Easter

  1. I love how cute and casual they all are! My casual is actually pretty sloppy, haha. And I really like those Old Navy tops. I gave up on Old Navy because every time I went I didn’t see any of the styles I saw in the commercials. But maybe it’s time to give them another shot šŸ˜€

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