Challenge 3

Challenge 3: Maurices White Sleeveless Blouse


I purchased this one summer on a whim. I like that its flowy & I love the navy & orange trim again the crisp white. However, I have barely worn it. I can’t wear sleeveless tops at work so I always have to have something over it which I feels like it takes away from it. I don’t wear it alone in the summer cause it always seems to dressy for what I’m doing. So this challenge is actually a challenge for me.

Look 1: JLo for Kohls Pant, Maurices White Tank, & Hand me down Orange & Navy Cardigan

Well I’m not in love with how the cardigan fits me or that its so matchy with the blouse. I think I would like this better with a solid color cardigan/blazer. I also think if the cardigan is slouchy than the top would look better tucked. I am in love with my tiny half up bun & the earring cuffs I borrowed from my daughter.

Look 2: Simply Vera for Kohls Skirt, & Maurices Drape Cardigan

Taking into consideration how I felt about the first look, I chose a solid cardigan & tucked my top. I’m also wearing an Aeropostale crop top. The blouse is  slightly sheer, but you could only catch glimpses of it in the right lighting. I’m wearing my cheetah TOMS wedges with this.The color palette is more sophisticated & fun than the first look. Don’t be fooled by my expression (it was the Monday after Daylight Savings), but I really like this one.

Look 3: Old Navy Joggers, Maurices Navy Tank, F21 Cardigan, & TOMS cheetah wedges

Another success! This is so in my sweetspot. Slouchy, but put together. I’m definitely keeping this blouse in my wardrobe.


4 thoughts on “Challenge 3

  1. Hey Cassy! First off, I love this idea of reinventing new looks with a certain article of clothing. I’m always happy to see a new one on your blog! Second, love all these outfits but especially the third one. Great job!! ~Savannah


    • Savannah-
      Thank you so much! I find this is a really good way to determine if something is working for my wardrobe or if I’m hanging onto a piece for misguided reasons. My favorite is the third outfit too!

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