Challenge 4

Challenge 4: Ann Taylor Loft Sleeveless Blouse

20160323_204409.pngI’ve had this blouse for several years, I believe I purchased it along with the piece from Challenge 1. It’s in nice condition; I love the color, I love the ruffle, & I love the polka dots. I don’t love the fit & again being sleeveless I don’t find myself reaching for it often enough during the workweek which makes it a great candidate for this challenge.

Look 1: NEXX New York Plaid Button Down, Express Belt, Maurices Cords, & TOMS Wedges

I absolutely LOVE this look (heart eye emoji & all that). I like all the different pinks & purples together & the mixed pattern. The belt gives me a very flattering hourglass shape. I think this is professional, but still fun. By far my favorite look with this challenge.

Look 2: Maurices Boots, JLo for Kohls Pants, American Eagle Denim Jacket, Warby Parker Finch Frames, Maurices Earrings, & Umbrella purchased from WalMart

So I don’t like this shirt untucked without a belt because it is too large & it just creates a boxy shape. I also don’t really like it tucked in because it’s too large & with the ruffles it doesn’t really lay flat when tucked. I think this is a pretty cute look, but I’m just never super comfortable with this top tucked. My hair & the umbrella are really the star of this look.

Look 3:  Old Navy Tee, Maurices Scarf & Large Beaded Bracelets, Small Beaded Bracelet from my Grandmother’s collection, Woolrich Belt, Skirt purchased from Gliks, & TOMS Wedges

I like the scarf with the top because I do love a good pattern mix, but I don’t really care for this ensemble. It’s not flattering.

This is tricky. It doesn’t fit well on it’s own. I really only like it styled in Look 1. I have 2 other button downs that would probably look alright, but I only currently have the 1 wide belt that I like with it. I’m not keen on the regular width belt. I don’t think I’d like this syling with the maxi skirt or JLo pant because it just seems like too much volume. Maybe with a pencil skirt? I’m not ready to let it go, but I’m not convinced I should keep it. I believe this piece will be revisited.


9 thoughts on “Challenge 4

    • Val, thanks so much for the blog love & follow! I happily checked out your post (I love making new connections 🙂 & love this camel coat. I tend to wear my camel coat mainly with dress clothes, but it looks seriously chill in this post.


  1. Yep that’s a tough one. I have tops too that aren’t the most flattering but because of the color or style I can’t let them go. In your case, I would keep it purely for Outfit 1. It’s such a cute and unique look! 😍 (Haha hearty eyes!)

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