Mama Likes to Rock n Roll

One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is attend concerts. We’ve been going to concerts since she turned 7! I have seen a lot of pop shows, but I’m not complaining* because we always have a blast.

Back in the day (or early 2015) I didn’t always think to take ensemble photos, which is unfortunate cause we got style. We typically treat these events as a reason to flex our style muscles. We like to dress for the music, the venue, the artist, & ourselves. There’s always a reason behind our style decisions that is influenced by who we are seeing. Yes, even to those early shows.

Saturday we took in our most recent show: Mumford & Sons. If you have the chance to see these guys I highly recommend them. My favorite concerts have been Ed Sheeran (we saw him twice on the same tour & it was glorious), but these guys are right up there. They rock pretty hard.

We had general admission pit tickets so we went with chill looks.

I’m a pretty young mom, so I love having this friendship dynamic with my daughter & that we have a good time together. I feel like a lot of parents don’t have that until much later, it’s fun getting to have these experiences together & her wanting me to be apart of them.

Keep rocking & stay young at heart!


*Except for that time we saw Justin Bieber during the height of Bieberfever,  blech.

5 thoughts on “Mama Likes to Rock n Roll

  1. Love this post! I started taking my older son to shows when he was 6 and we’ve been to so many fun ones! Some of the highlights were The Killers, FUN., but we’ve also been to Katy Perry Taylor Swift, The Old 97s and a bunch of others… We’ve got 21 Pilots and Maroon 5 coming up… So fun and the outfits are cute too!

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    • I’m glad it’s something we can do together that I actually enjoy. I don’t feel like I’m just chaperoning. I see/hear so many parents complaining @ these events & it just makes me sad. I’ve been just as excited as she has to see most of these artists, sometimes more. 21 Pilots would be killer. She’s wanting to go to a festival & I think that would be awesome. Just not sure I’m up for the camping aspect…

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