Challenge 4 Revisited

Here we go again!

I still really love this look from Challenge 4.

I love the top styled this way so I pulled together 2 more similar looks.

Warby Parker Finch Frames, Maurices Blouse, Express Belt, Banana Republic Pant, TOMS Brogues

Warby Parker Finch Frames, IZOD Button Down, Express Belt, Maurices Cargo Pant & Sandals

Guess what? I like it! At first I thought it’s not really fair to keep it when I’m only styling it 1 way, but really what’s wrong with that? Every time I wear a sweater I usually wear a button down under it, is this really any different? Nope. So I have at least 3 shirts & 3 pants to wear with this top. I could also do a pencil skirt, jeans, & layering with a tee. I think as I long as I cinch it in with a wide belt it’s gonna work.  I’d say that makes it a keeper!


6 thoughts on “Challenge 4 Revisited

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