Challenge 8

Challenge 8: How many red plaid shirts is too many?


I have these 4 from Levi’s, Thread & Supply, F21, & Ellen Tracy.

Plus a flannel pajama top.

Apparently I’ve never met a red plaid that I didn’t have to own. Buckle in; this is going to be a multiposter. At first I thought I would do 3 outfits & interchange the tops showing that these 4 tops bring something different to each of the 3 outfits. Then I decided I wanted to show more personality & how they are different & not necessarily interchangeable. I also set myself an additional rule that each set of outfits has to include looks with a dress/skirt, “work” pant, & casual Friday/weekend ensemble.

Figured out the outfits, wore them, photographed them, edited them, now to present them! Seriously, as I type this I’m trying to decide if I will show you 3 looks with 1 top or 3 dress/skirt looks with each top.

Looks like I decided to go dress!

I also sort of cheated. My first look I pulled from a previous post, but you guys it’s where I got the idea! As you can see I hadn’t decided to switch the ensembles on my second look, so you get 2 looks with 1 dress.

Moving on though I’m glad I decided to pair these tops with different dresses. I love the Levi’s with the Banana Republic dress because it’s such a good combination of casual & professional. The Ellen Tracy with the Old Navy dress is another great example of pattern mixing & you know how much I love that.

Something I found putting these together is my style is really coming together. There are similar elements to each look (layering the tops over the dress, belts, minimal jewelry, pattern mixing, & blending business casual) without losing visual interest. Challenge 8 Round 1 in the books! Come back next Sunday for Round 2.


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