Challenge 8 Round 2

Round 1 took a look at my plaids styled with dresses, this week will be my work pant styles.

My flannels lend themselves to a little edgier, grungier look. I know that’s not surprising, but the trick is keeping them business casual. I kept the Thread&Supply clean with neutral colors & geometric rings (well, plus a cocktail one for some fun). I mixed the F21 with polka dots for something more playful, but kept accessories to a minimum to kept it from being too busy.

I paired my Ellen Tracy with joggers. I love styling my joggers with these sheer blouses. It’s just so easy & comfortable, but still polished.

My favorite look of the 4 is my Levi’s with my high waist JLo trousers. I like how easily this pearl snap pairs with tans. I also like that it keeps it from feeling dated or stuffy. Oh & just because it’s a Levi’s western cut with pearl snaps doesn’t mean it only goes with cowboy boots & jeans. I mean, how cool do I look in this?

So far each top pulls it’s weight. I’ll finish up Challenge 8 next week with Round 3.


4 thoughts on “Challenge 8 Round 2

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