Pastel Spotlight

Rae was kind enough to sparkle her Pastel Spotlight on me! She asked some really great questions & I had fun answering them. She’s such a gentle spunky soul (Just look at her!)& I felt honored to be included in her spotlight series. ♥



pastel.pngPS Rae I really hope you don’t mind that I stole these pictures from your blog 🙂

Pastel Carousel

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to be bringing you a new Pastel Spotlight post today! I’m a HUGE fan of fashion blogs. I love reading about what everyone considers to be fashionable and what they love and hate to wear. Today I’m shining the Spotlight on a different kind of fashion blog. Cassy from baubles&knots has such a unique viewpoint on fashion blogging. I love reading about her exploration into fashion and into her own personal style. And I love how she analyzes her OOTDS and challenges herself to style old pieces in new ways. You guys should definitely check out her blog and maybe you’ll be inspired (like I am!) to dig out those old and unused items and find new ways to add them to your current circulation! (Or just finally let them go!)

Pastel Carousel | Pastel Spotlight | Cassy From baubles&knots | Fashion Blogger

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 Hi Cassy! Thanks so much for letting me shine the…

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