Challenge 8 Round 3

Rounding out the red plaid challenge is my casual Friday/weekend looks.

Yeah so I basically wore my Thread&Supply the same as in Round2, but with some different accessories. Feels a bit grungier this go.

My Ellen Tracy & Levis are great for half tucked look. The both feel super easygoing & chill.

I went a bit of a different route with my F21. I figured with leggings & flannel it might be nice to jazz it up for work with a blazer. Totally effortless, plus I feel like a badass in this look. You get a bonus look cause I ditched the blazer after work, but I was chilly so I switched it out with a sweater. Still badass.

I’m going to stand by that I can never have too many red plaid shirts.  The thing I’ve found with this challenge is curating my wardrobe is becoming much easier. I already know what I’m looking for in my style & I’m getting better at projecting it.


7 thoughts on “Challenge 8 Round 3

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