Curating OOTD 10

I love these multitasking outfits that I can wear in the office, but are casual enough for my life.


American Eagle Denim Jacket, Maurices Tee, Tank, Necklace, Cargos, & Sandals


Simple tshirt & jean look elevated with the cargos & dirty denim. I love this jacket. It doesn’t look great mixed with dark or regular wash denim, but it does go well with pretty much everything else. It may be called dirty, but the bronze undertones lend it to more sophisticated palettes. One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve had for at least 15years. Yeah, 15 & still in great condition. I know Levi’s is supposed to be “the” denim brand (& would have to agree, he kind of invented the wheel here), but this AE is a real workhorse. Also, this outfit pulls from my previous Hermione Pinterest challenge & I just love how that challenge helped blend my grungy casual styles with preppy pieces.


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