Challenge 9

Challenge 9 Heritage Banana Republic Sheer Floral Blouse


I bought this blouse thinking the ruching would look floaty & camouflage my tummy. However, the ruching lays kinda funny & I barely wear it. So I thought I would put together 3 looks to see if I should keep it around or let it go.

Look 1: Lauren Conrad for Kohls Skirt, Express Belt, Maurices Tank, Bracelet, & Sandals

I love this combination of patterns, but unfortunately the ruching is working against me. It tends to puff out & give me saggy boobs. 2 things unrelated to the blouse: the jacket is from Old Navy I wore it cause it was sprinkling & yes my hair is silvery.

Look 2: Lauren Conrad for Kohls Blazer, TOMS Boots, Maurices Tank, Necklace, & Cargos

This is my favorite look. Its acceptable for work, but feels easygoing. The ruching actually looks floaty, but without the jacket it’s a little too full. I need it to create a smooth waistline.

Look 3: Old Navy Jeans, Maurices Tank, Necklace, Bracelet, & Sandals

So this is my least favorite look. I tried tucking it, but instead of camouflaging my tummy, it looks saggy. It just seems sloppy instead of slouchy.

Overall I’m still not thrilled with this piece. I feel like I end up looking saggy & sloppy instead of effortless.


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