Challenge 10

Challenge 10: Isle Tunic


This is an interesting piece. Originally this was a dress with a shredded fringe tiered hem. I purchased it about 8 years ago. It got a lot of wear & than I stopped wearing it because the hem was getting sloppy. About a year ago I decided to just cut the skirt off & try it as a tunic. However, I still don’t find myself wearing it very often.

Look 1: Mono B Maxi Skirt, SO Sandals, Flower Pin & Bracelet Unsure


I’m okay with this. It looks nice, of course nearly anything paired with this skirt looks good. Its very forgiving/flattering. My only qualm is that the length of the top makes it difficult to keep it smooth under the skirt.

Look 2: Old Navy Joggers, SO Sandals, Avon Earrings, Brighton Necklace & Cuff


Again, I’m okay with this. Again, I love my joggers so much that I pretty much feel good in just about anything I pair them with. Again, this is a tunic so the length gets rolled up around my waistline & that’s not great.

Look 3: F21 Leggings, SO Sandals, Maurices Baubles


I finally wore the tunic like a tunic & guess what. I don’t like it. These leggings are high waisted so they smooth my tummy out pretty well, but this pattern (which I do love this pattern) makes me feel like I look rolly. I put on the statement necklace hoping to draw the eye up, but I feel like all it does is make the neckline look awkward. I love the idea of this, but I don’t feel good in it.

The verdict: I love the colors, I love the pattern (it vaguely looks like bananas & I love bananas), I love the sleeves, but I don’t love the hem length. I did like the 2 looks with it tucked in & I think I would be more excited about them if I hadn’t been worried about smoothing the hem all day. The top gets to stay, but not as a tunic. I’m going to shorten the hem into a regular tshirt length. If you have a loworn out piece that is salvageable don’t be scared to recreate it into something wearable.



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