Challenge Revisited

I’ve rounded out this challenge taking into consideration fit, color, pattern, & necessity. I have left a few pieces that don’t get much wear out of the challenge because they currently fit a professional need. I may not wear them very often, but at times I do need them. Just as there are some more formal pieces that remain unchallenged because they fit a specific need. This is limited to fewer than 10 pieces for interviews, meetings, funerals, & weddings.

Some of the pieces that I chose to keep still haven’t been getting worn very often! I’m racking this up to the fact that I’d still been working on other challenging pieces & at 3 looks per piece that doesn’t leave a lot of time for curating my ootds. I thought if I’m going to keep these pieces I need to get them in the rotation!





3 thoughts on “Challenge Revisited

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