Curating: I Love My…

Limited drape cardigan

So I was gifted this for Christmas & it has quickly became my favorite completer piece.

With the warmer weather I’ve been wearing a lot of sundresses & this cardigan is perfect to toss over it in the office. Or the mall, wherever you need to be warm indoors, but it’s hot as balls outdoors.

It goes with everything; a preppy office ensemble, a boho it girl vibe, & a grungy casual day look.

Now that I’ve weeded out the pieces that I’m really not wearing I’d like to focus on the pieces that I love. Why do I love them? Why do I keep pulling them on again & again? What is it that makes them so great? How can I use this information to further curate my wardrobe?

As mentioned above this cardigan is versatile. I love the shape. I love the draped front, but the back is actually cut above the hip. It keeps it from feeling quite as heavy as my burgundy Maurices cardigan. The asymmetry feels modern & I like that it still shows off my tush. The color is great. I like that it’s not a neutral, but its a very complimentary color. Obviously it also serves it’s function as keeping me warm in I’m chilly.  Checks all the boxes: versatility, functionality, shape, & color.




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