Curating OOTD 14

This outfit is like a little ode to those adorable Pinterest woodland nursery themes. Weird thing to be inspired by? Maybe, but is this outfit cute? Could only be cuter if there were a hedgehog involved.

F21 Tunic, Lucky Brand Earrings & Bangle, Glik’s Scarf, Banana Republic Pant & Bangle, Maurice’s Sandals

Earthy Tones  √

Tribal Pattern √

Woodland Creature Motif √

Mixture of Preppy & Bohème √

I’m quite fawn-d of this look. See what I did there? This is some quality scat (oops, I did it again).

Be Brave. Be Kind. Have Courage. Adventure Awaits. <—<<<


4 thoughts on “Curating OOTD 14

    • The ultimate goal is to be as comfortable as pajamas. Key word being AS, none of those daytime pajamas suits that seems lazier than a pair of sweats & not really at all chic.
      As I type this I fear I’m about to get on pinterest & come across a totally to die for pj suit.
      I digress, Thank You😆

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