2. I Love My…

Button Downs

This section of my closet is usually used for layering (seen here & here) except for the denim & Levi’s plaid. One of my favorite go to looks lately has been the denim on denim. I feel it has that easygoing chicness I’m fond of. I tossed on my Old Navy the other day with minimal accessories & primping. My daughter complimented me & I thought, hey, why don’t I wear stuff like this more often? I have several button downs, why only utilize them for layering?

Most of these shirts are on the preppy side so I planned on wearing them untucked or partially tucked like I would my denim shirt. Makes them decidedly less “done.” Adding a tooth necklace gives them an edge too.

While I’m kind of toying with the uniform idea (about like I’m toying with the capsule idea) I wanted to change this up a bit. I was trying to figure out how to wear this look with a skirt. Leaving it untucked wasn’t going to work with my Izod because it’s a little big. Pairing it with the orange skirt, zigzag bracelet, & TOMS boots is playful.

I’m still mostly working on shopping my closet before I figure out if uniforms or capsules are right for me. I like options so the idea of a uniform style or capsule wardrobe kind of scares me, but finding new ways to wear what I already have stretches my wardrobe without emptying my wallet*.


*This post does include 2 new purchases. A pair of TOMS sandals to replace my black sandals that broke & a pair of H&M black jeggings because sometimes I need a more fitted black pant than my joggers.


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