5. I Love My…

High Waist Shorts

I have 5 pairs! Is that too many? Not when you want to wear a pair every sweaty day. I have 3 L.E.I. denim & 2 Old Navy; 1 a cotton twill & the other rayon. Lower rise waists sit* right under my tummy & create muffintop (is there something worse than muffintop? I feel like sometimes these waistlines create an even more exaggerated issue. Mushroom Cloud perhaps?).  High waist shorts cover up, create a clean curve, & add length to my legs. Also, I’m a sucker for multiple buttons. Oh & beware my shocking pale legs. I know you’ve seen them with dresses, but there’s something about shorts that make them appear even more ghostly.

First up we’ve got a super casual look that I wear to the hot as balls Saturday swim meets:

Love the way my Love Change blouse flows with these & look at all those buttons!

Pulled these on for another one of those infamous swim meets. Made my work ensemble way more comfortable without having to change my entire outfit.

Wore this for a day out shopping. Totally comfortable, casual, & pulled together.

Okay these may not have buttons, but they are my favorite pair of shorts. I’ve got them all prepped out here, but I plan to wear them later this month for a birthday party with either a tank or crop & kimono. It’s gonna be banging.


*read: get pushed down from my fat

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