Body Image

This is going to be a bit different than my usual post. As I was getting my pictures ready for I Love My #5 I was feeling self conscious cause you know legs in shorts can look like sausages. Don’t get me wrong I am comfortable in shorts & with my body, but when you have to look at yourself for an extended amount of time it can turn negative. Anyway I was mentally prepared to see my thicker thighs extending from those shorts, but what caught me off guard was my arms. Yikes do they look like a couple of hams!

So obviously, I cropped them & strategically collaged them. Then I got to thinking about the fact that I changed into these shorts after work on a 100º day, but I never thought twice about sharing the work ensemble photos.


These are super cute! Never even crossed my mind to feel bad about my body. Its amazing how a good pair of pants, wedges, & a cardigan to cover those hams can change your perception. I think that’s why I love clothing so much. The right fit & shapes can instill confidence. Hopefully that confidence spreads keeping body shaming at bay.

Let’s take a look at this outfit. Obviously, I love these high waist shorts. They cover my stomach & create a smooth curve. These are not your teeny bopper high waists that cut off right under the cheek. They’re short enough to elongate my legs, but I’ve got full coverage on my tush. Plus BUTTONS! Obviously, I love this top. I love the hi lo flowy cut & pattern. Both of these pieces fit my style & body. I love them & I feel good in them. What’s to be concerned about? You got it, nothing.

Look, I’m not fishing for compliments I’m just contemplating how someone out there probably thinks its “brave” to share these sentiments or photos when there’s nothing brave about it. Your body is your temple. Decorate it in the way that makes you feel best.


5 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. “Your body is your temple. Decorate it in the way that makes you feel best.” Amen to that! I’ve been going through my old blog posts to try and make them more SEO friendly and back then I did many more lookbooks. I was about 2 sizes smaller than I am now and felt less confident. I remember thinking I had to lose weight constantly. Now I know I have to lose some weight, but I look in the mirror now and think that I look great. I think it’s also just a matter of getting older.

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    • Oh I hear ya! It’s crazy how insecure I’ve been in the past. When I was younger I dressed to please others & now I dress to please myself. I agree it’s something that comes with age & knowing yourself better. Confidence is definitely the best accessory!

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