Curating: OOTD 16

This is my attempt to be the young, hip, cool aunt/mom at movie night*. I thought I’d give this whole bandana as a choker thing a try. I like the way it turned out, my daughter’s not sold. She thinks I need to wear it more like a scarf. She says it would be more French & chic. I don’t disagree, but for the purpose of this ensemble young & hip means bandana choker not French kerchief.

Bandana: Dollar General / Blouse: Maurices / Jeans: Old Navy / Sandals: TOMS

I think it hit the mark & I was pleased to get to style this top for a different setting than I have previously. You can check out my other looks here, here, & here. I am loving this white hot August vibe.


*I went to see Suicide Squad with 4 teenagers (1 college bound!).  It’s a fun movie, but try not to think about the plot cause the writers obviously did not.


4 thoughts on “Curating: OOTD 16

  1. That’s such a cool outfit! I’m in love with that top. And I love the bandana choker idea. I’ve never been able to wear chokers without getting this weird claustrophobic feeling, lol. But I love how it looks so it might be worth another try! 😀 Also dying to see Suicide Squad!

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    • Thanks! I didn’t get claustrophobic, but it does get warm. I wouldn’t have been able to wear for an outside activity, but air conditioned movie theater, yes. I enjoyed Suicide Squad, but when I think about the storytelling it was a erratic.


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