As I’ve mentioned frequently, I’m interested in trying a capsule wardrobe. The thing that holds me back is variety. I honestly don’t wear the exact same outfit often. I have lots of clothes so its not hard to find new ways to combine them every time I reach in my closet. However, the more I’ve really focused on curating my wardrobe, the more I realize there are styles I reach for again & again  while there are pieces that are never or seldom within my grasp.

I’ve been getting some inspiration from Pinterest, but mostly I’ve researched how Keira Lennox & Caroline of Un-Fancy go about creating their capsules. They both have some ground rules & tips on where to begin when creating a capsule. That was probably my biggest problem. Where/how do I really start this?

I didn’t take everything out of my closet, but I already had an idea of which things were not making the cut or serving much purpose anymore. In a way I was already working myself up to this with my wardrobe challenges. I sorted out items that were nos & maybes. The maybes have been relocated to a spare closet & the nos are being donated¹.

Un-Fancy offers an awesome FREE capsule planner, which of course I snatched up. I completed it based on my quick closet purge. Basically what I learned is I like comfortable, cool, chic, effortless pieces that can be dressed up or down, work well with layers, but are good on their own & have a loose fit (except for the skinny jeans & jeggings that I love), but are not shapeless. I like dusty neutrals (think the Resistance in The Force Awakens) with pops of color & stripes.

What I’ve decided to do with my newfound information & closet full of pieces I love (without shopping!) is dip my toe into capsule life with a 30×30 wardrobe. Out of the many items still in my closet I have narrowed it down to 30 pieces (includes footwear, but excludes accessories) that I will wear over the next 30+ days until I have created 30 ensembles².



Sorry about these pictures. If this is successful I promise to take better shots next time. I will start my little experiment in September. Now, I already have some posts that I know I want to get up next month so you may not see the results of this right away, but they will come. Be patient.


¹Typically I make donations locally, however, h&m offers a 15% discount towards your next purchase when donations are collected. Nothing wrong with saving some cash & doing some good.

²Actually there are only 29 pieces. I had what I felt like I needed & I just couldn’t find anything else I wanted to add. I decided I may allow myself a wildcard item if something comes up that requires an additional piece.

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