TBT: Fresh Soph Hoco

I love fall. I love when the air turns crisp. I love when the leaves change. I love school supplies. I love football games (I mean, I don’t go to them or watch them on tv, but I like the idea). I love the comradery of school spirit that fall brings culminating in homecoming.

Leading up to this year’s “Rooftop Garden” coronation I thought I’d throw it back to 1998 & 1999. My freshman & sophomore homecoming. Now, I have no idea what the theme was, probably “A Night to Remember” or “Stars & the City” or something equally generic, but these photos literally survived a tornado so they’re going to get their moment.

Freshman year was the closest I ever came to getting my Disney princess dress. As you may recall Ariel’s sparkly blue number is my all time favorite. This is an Alfred Angelo that I saw in a magazine the summer before my freshman year & our local formal shop actually had it in stock! Unfortunately as is the case with many older photographs they just don’t do the color justice.

If I were to update the look I think it would be with something a little softer & sparklier. Art deco with bohemian flair.

Even in all it’s Ariel glory my freshman gown doesn’t come close to my love of my Sophmore ensemble. Those are separate pieces. A sheer layered tank from Maurices (yep, even back in the day I was reppin them) & a dual split column skirt from JCP. This is the year I came into my style a little bit more. I realized style didn’t equal shelling out hundreds of dollars for a formal gown that you’d only wear once & would be impossible to resale as they always have to be altered. I wore that tank top ALL. THE. TIME. & that skirt to other events or in classic early aughts fashion with cropped tee shirts & bizarre spaghetti strap backless tanks.

Now I think the twist would be to wear actual suit separates (an investment that would be used again) or a gorgeously tailored column gown sans adornment.

Looking back its crazy to see how much things have changed yet stayed the same. What I learned my sophomore year has stayed with me to this day. I’ve tried to instill these ideals in my daughter & help her create her own fashion path.


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