TBT: Another Fresh Hoco

This week I’m taking you back just a couple years with my daughter’s freshman homecoming. Shopping for homecoming for the first time can be stressful enough, but throw differing opinions & ideas & the tensions will rise.

Homecoming as I’ve mentioned previously is a big deal in our small town. I’ve already said how I don’t think it’s necessary to spend an arm & a leg on this thing, but I may be the minority. I did the new dress, shoes, jewelry, hair appt, nail appt, sometimes tanning, but even with all of that my expenses were still lower than most. Also, I mostly went with items I could wear again so the cost per wear was inexpensive in comparison to others.

My daughter knew there would be a budget going in & while her friends were shopping formal stores & getting glitzy gowns, we were at Forever21. I don’t remember if that’s where we started, but that’s were we ended up.  We’d discussed what kind of vibe she wanted to go for & we were mostly on the same page. Something a little edgy, a little rock’n’roll, a little feminine, a little flirty.  I had a Pinterest inspiration board going, but I tried not to force my opinions too much.


All she wanted to try on were bodycon cutout dresses. She looked like a juvenile prostitute on Law&Order SVU. Not acceptable. She knew it wasn’t working, but she didn’t want to accept it. I started pitching my ideas & with a bit of convincing (I don’t know where she gets her stubbornness) we put together a cool homecoming look.

F21 Long Sleeve Lace Top & Skater Skirt, Doc Marten Boots, Charlotte Russe Jewelry

The most expensive item was the boots & 2years later I would wager she wears them weekly. I’d say that was a pretty reasonable $90. The dress amounted to $20-25 & the jewelry (earrings & ring set) $15. She did an at home manicure, her own makeup, & my sister-in-law braided her hair. Oh & that’s a koolaid dip dye job. I think we hit all the marks.

Edgy √ Rock’n’Roll √ Feminine √ Flirty √




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