30×30 Hello October


I’d say this capsule is a nod to the crisp change in temperature & the rich change in leaves. There’s a little more brown, a little rust, a little navy, a little gold, a little burgundy. Basically the fall colors. There’s also a red flannel. It may be slightly out of place, but I have a 90s concert to go to & it is necessary.

Again I struggled to pull together 30pieces. In fact, I didn’t pull together 3opieces.  I could have included more plain tees, or another blouse, or a tank, but the idea is to try to create 30 unique looks. Including more of the same doesn’t really lend itself to uniqueness. It lends itself to uniformity. While there’s nothing wrong with uniformity the reason I’m doing these 30×30 challenges is to determine if I find enough variety in a limited wardrobe.




My Pumpkin Spice capsule includes

  • Grey Boyfriend Cardigan
  • Dirty Denim Jacket
  • Leopard Kimono
  • Aline Leaf print Dress
  • Burgundy Blouse
  • Orange & Navy Stripe Sweater
  • Gold & Cream Stripe Sweater
  • Rust, Black, & Grey/Orange Tee Shirts
  • Red Flannel Sleeveless Tunic
  • Leopard Hi Lo Blouse
  • Burgundy, Black, & Grey Tank
  • High Waist Camel Pant
  • Black Jegging
  • Flare Jean
  • Almost all my TOMS
    • Black Sandals
    • Black Oxfords
    • Cheetah, Black, & Olive Wedges
  • And Apparently a Cat

I think I’ve done a better job selecting my capsule this time. Hopefully shorting myself 7 items doesn’t lead to too much of a challenge. Being able to add accessories freely should help with any difficulty.

Obviously, Halloween costumes don’t count towards the capsule. Although I do have room to spare.




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