TBT: Sophmore Part Deux

One last Hoco* post before the big dance! This shopping trip was a little less dramatic, but still tiring. Instead of just throwing out adjectives for what we both thought would be good, we talked specifics. A problem I seem to always face when shopping is being so single minded that it’s hard to find anything. I kept that in the back of my mind on this shopping trip. We had specifics, but we still had to be flexible.

Our main inspiration was the Little Mix Salute Tour, especially Perry Edwards. If you don’t know this group you should definitely click here. These ladies are some powerful entertainers &  even better singers. Now then, we didn’t really think we’d find playsuits, but definitely liked the idea of a jumpsuit. And yes, I know these are revealing, but this is just inspiration people. It’s not like I was going to send my 15y/0 out with a senior in booty shorts & a plunging neckline.

Oops, I guess I did.  Damn though, she looks auh-mazing & not overtly sexual. The shoes were a local find that we actually already had purchased for a musical theater performance. There isn’t much of a heel so that helps with modesty. The sheer panels veil the shorts nicely so everything isn’t revealed constantly. Besides we picked this up at Charlotte Russe for less than $25. I mean, come on, I’m not passing up that price.

I decided to splurge on some cosmetic purchases since the ensemble was such a steal. Chloe really wanted to try a trendy nail that would show off her jewelry so I said yes. BTW she did save up her own money to purchase the Urban Decay Naked palette for her makeup look & you know, life. Again, I can be easily swayed into spending a bit more $$ on the entire look when I’m not dropping 100s on the gown.

Honestly, I can’t believe how well everything came together. Her hair even turned our Pinterest perfect.

I love her fresh look because it was so fitting of her personality, but I love this one too. Actually, as it stands sophomore is so far my favorite for Chloe as well (you can see my own sophomore look here). I guess when you decide to be flexible things just come together a little easier. There’s probably a life lesson in that.


*I’m hip. I’m down with the 411.

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