Emmys 2016

The Emmys were like a month ago, but I just got around to watching my recording. I was a little underwhelmed when it came to the style. I don’t know if that’s just because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in homecoming dresses or if there just really wasn’t anything unique & stunning. There were some looks that missed the mark¹, but nothing just downright  awful. Honestly, except for some styling or spray tan missteps its really hard to screw up a red carpet look. Award shows such as the Emmys, Globes, SAG, & Oscars aren’t really about sartorial creativity & celebrities play it pretty safe. Nothing wrong with that except it can be a bit boring.

I felt there were 3 groups at the Emmys:


Sophie Turner was maybe my favorite & I didn’t see her until after the fact when I was pinning. It’s the entire look that does it for me. She’s sexy & sultry without vulgarity. There’s an ease to her look that just puts her head & shoulders above everyone else.


Sartorially Correct²

The Emmys seem to be more of the same trickling down from what we saw at ceremonies (first, second, & third) earlier this year. I’m interested to see if January takes us in a new direction.


¹Aziz, I love you, but this is black tie so put one on!


²Thanks, Tim Gunn!

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