She Works Hard

Back at the beginning of September my daughter & I took a Saturday to have a bit of city fun.

We packed a bag & started our day at The City Museum. This place is so cool. It’s a play house museum with slinky tunnels, cavern crawl spaces, a vault room, a 10story slide, a circus, ball pits, a rooftop Ferris wheel, actual artifacts, the list goes on & on. I’m not one for heights, but I actually found myself climbing, crawling, reaching in spaces I never would have imagined myself. It was just so much fun. We spent about 4hours playing & grabbed a bite to eat at one of their concessions. If you’re in St Louis looking for an adventure I highly recommend this place.

Afterwards we cleaned up (in a secluded restroom in the museum, lol) & headed over to the stadium to await Beyoncé. There were some technical difficulties & apparently she usually goes on late so we had a bit of a wait, but it was nice cause we needed a break.


WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINOIN. This concert was immaculate & there certainly were songs that I loved hearing “live,” but she doesn’t sing everything because its such a production. Its very surreal & she’s almost so perfect that its like it wasn’t even happening in person. It wasn’t very different from watching her on tv. I’m just used to a different style of show. My daughter thought it was like earthshattering best concert ever & I’m over here like both Ed Sheeran shows & Mumford were by far better.  Please don’t sick the hive on me. I love Lemonade. I’ll watch that film over & over.I’ll blast that album rolling up in the McDonalds drive through, but as far as concerts go this was not my jam.

We did get great concert shirts though.



One thought on “She Works Hard

  1. I’ve seen JT, Britney, Christina and many other pop artists and many of them leave up so many vocals to their backing singers if they sing live at all. I can enjoy the spectacular show though, having been a dancer for as long as I can remember. But I think my favorite show ever was in some stinky club where people were throwing beer with a band that now nobody remembers anymore. So I can totally see where you’re coming from.

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