TBT: Halloween Trifecta

I kind of killed Halloween last year.

We weren’t allowed to dress up at work. I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies.


I typically pick something sort of recognizable, but maybe not always obvious when I dress up for Halloween. I’m not of the Mean Girls mindset to use it as an excuse to wear lingerie in public*.  I like playing with styles & slipping into something that isn’t obviously me, but still brings out my personality. Also, I’m quirky.

Costume Number 2 was my original main costume. I ended up wearing this to a themed wedding reception. I love this ensemble & I think you’ll recognize some pieces.

Effie was not my main costume that I wore to the annual ARF (Animals Requesting Friends) Howloween Hairball because my squad decided to go as a squad. I’m glad we did. It was a blast & we won the top prize. We’ve been like famous ever since.



An honorable mention & girl ahead of the curve prize goes to my daughter for Rainbow Puke Snapchat Filter!


*Okay, so I maybe didn’t wear pants on 2 occasions. The Cigarette Girl & Black Swan may have been scantily clad, but not in a salacious way.

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