Beauty MOTD 12

Trying out that smoky nude look this holiday season


My first go round was on Thanksgiving. I went with a more orange scheme. It just felt more festive. Yes, my hair is messy. Yes, on purpose. Yes, that’s an extra earring looped through another earring. No, not on purpose. Not a bad representation. Not as dewy as Drew though.

My next go around was for our holiday card photo shoot. Closer to Drew’s look, but a bit more subtle. Not enough smoky eye & dewy skin. Probably that matte powder I’m using, lol. I do like this look though. Be prepared to see more of it while I try to get the combination just right.


4 thoughts on “Beauty MOTD 12

  1. Add a liquid illuminizer or a powder highlight if you want to put that glow back into your look. Other than that: good job! A little smudged brown liner along the top and bottom lash lines would make it even smokier.

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      • No problem. Easiest smokey eye ever is to simply apply a bit of pencil liner along the upper lashline and smudge it out. Then set with an eyeshadow and blend that into a fade towards the brow bone. If you feel you need more or less intensity just adjust the amount of eyeliner you use. Make sure it is creamy and work one eye at the time as some liners set very quickly. And the best part about it: it can be messy! Just use your fingers and keep Q-tips are the ready for when you mess up.

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